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February Board Meeting

February 4, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Madison County

Minutes of the Board Meeting

February 4, 2018

Members Present: Robert Auchter, Hobert Ellis, Joan Boewe, McKenna Revel, Belinda Gonzalez

Congregation Present: Diana McDowell, Doris Pierce, Amber Gompper, Ed Younce

Call to Order: 9:10 a.m.

President’s Report

  • There have been no responses to the ad for childcare. Rob gave Joan the contact name and address of a person (Lexy Priddy) perhaps interested in the RE position.  She’s a former student of Marianne McAdam. Joan will send her a message with info and ask for her return message.

***Minutes from December null***

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Last year’s ending balance was $31,900
  • Net income of $9,800
  • We are now at $31,200; there were more expenses than income in January
  • Electric bill for January was $508. Because of the $508 January electric bill, Robert will check into a programmable thermostat for the kitchen/fellowship hall area
  • Hobert recommends we amend the budget to decrease the budget by $1,900, to land at $40,100 due to the program committee not needing their portion of the budget
  • Bring this to the congregation’s attention, gather input

Communication Committee Report: Ed Younce

  • The newsletter / weekly reports are being conducted by Ed and Bekah Roberts
  • The letters to the congregation are going well and being well-received
  • The Board will be forwarding agenda/Board minutes for the purpose of putting them in the newsletter
  • An Archive section is being added to the website by Gregory
  • Still working on the calendar
  • Belinda has been doing well on keeping the Facebook page updated.
  • The YouTube account is being continually updated and is running smoothly
  • Communications is becoming quicker
  • Transportation and sign language needs have yet to be met; actively working on it
  • Events need to be on the calendar more quickly


Programming Committee Report: Doris Pierce

  • The Soul Matters series is going really well; there’s a lot of material, and it’s well worth the money
  • The program is an issue


Old Business:

  • No updates from Karen Jansen, about gathering info on committees
  • The Caring Committee needs updated addresses, more help in general

*** Print contact list, verify info next Sunday!!!!!***

  • Pulpit table: Nothing has been moved forward. The presentation boards have been presented and emailed out. We should arrive at a date in which there should be a vote. Perhaps we should do an article in the newsletter.

*Vote date set for April 8th, Community Sunday*


New Business:


  • We should return to archiving documents, especially programs. Perhaps scan documents digitally; Diana and Gregory will spearhead this
  • We need to consider how best to provide an ASL interpreter; a request link for those services will soon be added to the website
  • Music Ministry suggests we request 20 new hymnals from the UU budget in an effort to provide them for the congregation at large. **Hobert will donate all of the hymnals. His contribution is recognized by the Board with a great amount of gratitude. **



Next meeting set for: March 4th, 9:00 a.m.


Meeting adjourned:  10:30 a.m.


February 4, 2018
9:00 am - 10:00 am




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