Music Ministry

Music is an integral part of our services. We come together as one in a spirit of song. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to provide personal performances for services or make suggestions for music programming.


U-Notes:  Our Fellowship choir is called the U-Notes. They are a small group with grand voices and wonderful piano accompaniment. The choir’s library has many different genres including folk tunes, traditional hymn selections, African-American spirituals, ballads, show tunes, and chants. Joan Boewe are the directors. Practices are Wednesday 7 pm and Sunday mornings at 9:30 am, September through May. (Use below email to verify practice times and dates.

Unotes ServiceUnotes Service 1Unotes with Joan

Summer Serenade:  In the summer, the Music Ministry puts together a time of singing songs out in the community. Check our yearly calendar.


Month of Spirituals:  To celebrate Black History Month we feature African-American spirituals in February. Join the choir and band in learning more about the history and meaning of these soulful spirituals.

Soloists: Each month, we invite a musician to share the love of music with the Fellowship. We have pianists, violinists, fiddlers, trumpeters, tubist, and other talents within our Fellowship. We also host soloists from outside our Fellowship that add folk and classical music to the mix. We are always up for hearing the spirit of musicians. Please use the email below if you would like to recommend anyone or if you would like to perform.

Mitch Barrett

Matt Durham

Feel free to join in!