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  1. As KY prepares to SLOWLY open up we are here to help you keep safe and healthy, your family and your members! It’s a Big responsibility but Jani-King of Lexington is here for you. We are still offering our COVID-19 Infection PREVENTION Service now at reduced prices to help speed you into opening your church safely.

    Jani-King is using an Electrostatic Sprayer(ESS) and Fogger to assist in the fight against COVID19. The ESS uses sporicidal disinfectant and seeks out all dry spots after spraying. ESS focuses on all high touch points and vertical surfaces. The fogger uses hospital grade (EPA approved disinfectant) and takes care of high touch points and makes contact with surfaces from the top to the bottom. After spraying there is at least a 10 minute wait before going into the area sprayed.

    If you provide your sq. ft we can provide you the cost to spray your church.

  2. Hi Roz,
    At present we do not know when we will have in-person services again, but have decided it will not be this summer.
    We might contact you at the end of the summer.
    Thank you for informing us of your cleaning services.

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