Minutes of Board Meetings

BOARD MINUTES OF UUFMC, December 1, 2019

Meeting called to order at 9:12 a.m.

Members present:  President Karen Janssen

Secretary Ann Stebbins

Treasurer Hobert Ellis

Member-at-large Wayne Goodwin 

Member absent:  Vice President John Wade (traveling) 

Minutes of the previous meeting, November 3, 2019, were corrected and approved.  They are to be posted on the Fellowship bulletin board, on the web site, and in the newsletter.

Board Members’ Reports

 President:   We still need someone to publish the monthly newsletter on line.  Karen will approach Link Christensen and Linda Dulicai about the possibility.  Ann will contact Gina Smith.  Karen will continue to do the monthly newsletter until we find a replacement.  If we can’t find someone, do we need to pay someone?  UUFMC friend Patrick Sanford, employed in computer work, is willing to do it for pay.  Our updated web site has been getting more visitors.

We regularly collect food items in a basket at the sanctuary entrance on Sunday morning.  Karen suggested that we have a second basket to collect basic non-food items.  A number of such non-food items were collected for a homeless shelter in November.  Do we need guideline about where these goods should be dispersed?

Karen had investigated the cost of Wi-Fi.  We do not use Wi-Fi enough to justify the cost.  Instead we need to create a directory of members who have hot spots that can be used in the place of W-Fi.

Karen expressed continuing concerns over the safety of the steps to the parking lot.  It was agreed we need to add a handrail.

Treasurer:  The treasurer’s report was accepted.  We have a healthy balance of $7,500.  There are big bills due in December:  building insurance and UUA/Mid America dues.  A reminder about unpaid pledges will be sent to the membership.  The treasurer will draft a 2020 budget proposal and distribute it to the board before the January meeting.  The board approved one reallocation in the budget:  Carried Forward line will be decreased to $5,000 and the Paving line will be increased to $9,078.92.

The date for the pi/pie/pledge party was changed from Saturday, January 18, at the Fellowship, to Saturday, January 11, at the Fellowship.  Vice-president John Wade will organize it.

At-Large Member:  We received a Madison County Shelter-In-Place emergency kit.  It is stored in the closet by the front door.

Unfinished Business:   The board reviewed the parking lot paving bids received July 2016, ranging from $31,714 to $19,815.  It was voted to hold a membership drive for funding the paving, setting a goal of $15,000.  Board members agree to match funds up to a total of $7,500.  The drive would end September 2020.

The board discussed at length the need for a formal process to address any member grievances.  Suggestions included:   1) creating a new special grievance committee, 2) appointing an ad hoc committee as grievances arose, 3) assigning the responsibility to the elected board, or 4) extending the responsibility to the adult RE committee.  It was also recommended that a suggestion box be made available in the entryway.

UUFMC member Kara Stebbins reported as liaison from the program committee.  We need more members to volunteer to present a Sharing Circle.  Some suggested topics for future programs included 1) an annual UUFMC Covenant program, 2) Montessori philosophy of education, and 3) Christian history.  Program selection is guided by the Unitarian-Universalist principles and sources. The program committee always invites program suggestions.

Hobert Ellis, landscape/back forty committee liaison, reported that he is getting ready to plant three pawpaw seedlings on the side lot line, an extension of the pine tree planting.

Ann Stebbins, membership committee liaison, mentioned efforts to continually integrate new members, friends, and visitors into UUFMC.

The next board meeting will be Sunday, January 5, 9:00 a.m. in Fellowship Hall.  Board meetings are always open; any member or friend may attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Ann Stebbins, Secretary

BOARD MINUTES OF UUFMC, November 3, 2019
Meeting called to order at 9:05 a.m.
Members present: President Karen Janssen (Conference Call)
Vice President John Wade
Secretary Ann Stebbins
Treasurer Hobert Ellis
Member-at-large Wayne Goodwin

Minutes of the previous meeting, October 6, 2019, were corrected and approved.

Board Members’ Reports

President: Karen feels that our programs have been excellent. However we need pictures and descriptions for our Facebook and Website to let people know more about our programs to entice them to come. One big need is for a person to send out our emailed newsletter monthly. It was suggested that new UU friend, Patrick Sanford, be approached, since he is computer savvy. Hobert will approach him.

Vice President: John reported that ads in the EKU Progress would probably not be very effective since the circulation is down. Instead we might do some EKU online advertising in August, just as school is getting started. We might also provide a press release to the Richmond Register in January on some special program we are having or sponsoring. We may also need to consider Wi-Fi capability for programs. Karen will check into the cost of this.

Treasurer: Hobert reported that we are currently $4,300 ahead in our bank balance. However some people have paid pledges ahead of schedule. Hobert will remind members to pay 2019 pledges before the New Year and announce the upcoming pledge drive for 2020. The date for the 2020 sweet/savory pie/pi pledge party has been set for Saturday, January 18, 6 p.m., in the Fellowship Hall.

At-Large Member: Estimates received for replacing the back walkway range from $7,000 to $1,200. Hobert recommended that instead of replacing the wood with cement, we replace it with TREX (recycled plastic), which can be installed by a work party of UU members for $700. The board approved the recommendation and Wayne will order the TREX.
Wayne reported that the outside faucet is functioning and is now winterized, and that we need to wait to make a decision about the status of our air-conditioning when the weather is warmer.

Unfinished Business: A long discussion was held, exploring possible ways to raise funds for resurfacing the parking lot. Ideas suggested included: 1) have a yard sale in June, 2) invite “contributions” from members to be matched by board, 3) use $1,200 we are now paying extra toward our mortgage each year, 4) take out a mortgage specifically for repaving the parking lot, 5) ask for special paving pledges at the January pie/pi party. The board will review the paving estimates received by a prior board from then president Robert Auchter. The board will then set a fund raising goal at its next meeting. A cardboard thermometer might be constructed to illustrate the progress toward the fund raising goal.

Visiting member Joan Boewe suggested that we limit our Christmas holiday celebration to a caroling/story telling service on Sunday, December 22, 10:45 a.m., since we have no choir and Ed is too busy to help Joan organize Carol Wining on a weekend night near Christmas.
Joan is planning caroling at the nursing home where Nada, David Britton’s good friend, is now living. David will get the necessary information. And Joan will organize UU members and friends to carol.

The next board meeting will be Sunday, December 1, at 9:00 a.m. in Fellowship Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Ann Stebbins, Secretary
Corrected and approved, December 1, 2019